05 Aug 2022

Importance of Sorting Waste in G.B.H.S PENJA

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It was an exciting day  for us to teach students about waste Sorting practically and theoretically.  We also taught them the significance of waste management. This event took place on the 15/7/2022

What is Waste Sorting

Waste Sorting is when we separate waste into different categories or element. Usually it is a process that is usually done after waste has been collected from different points in our municipality. It is also the process of identifying which material can be recycled, compost and which one is a thrash. 

In our lesson the students wanted to know why they should sort out waste

Importance of waste Sorting

Waste is sorted for various reasons as seen below;

  1. Waste is sorted to know in order to know which material can be used to recycle, for compost, thrash or to be dispose at the landfill

  2. It helps to scale down on environmental commitment
  3. It helps one to have some finances because items retain can be recycled, compost and sold
  4. It reduces waste at the landfill thereby reduces preserving the soil of harmful chemicals.