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The importance of waste management cannot be overemphasize as it reduces the effect of waste on the environment, health complications and most visibly climate change. If you visit the slums then you would see signals of dangers on thrash thrown around due to the closeness of these slums to landfills. The population of the world is growing tremendously so is waste. 

It is as a result of this that we thought of starting our organization so as to sensitize kids, pupils, students and our enlarged communities on how to manage the waste they generate day in and out.

Increase in pollution be it the mismanagement of landfills waste caused by garbage pollution, exhaust fumes from vehicles and plastic pollution in particular is a serious problem to our schools, water bodies, communities etc. 

As a result of this, we have intensified sensitization, training on how to manage, recycle and reduce the amount of waste thrown in schools and the enlarged Community. It is our wish that whatever knowledge is gain by pupils, students would transcend to their respective communities.

Our sensitization and training is focus on;

  • Letting kids know the dangers of poor waste management to humans and the environment
  • We make them know the significance of proper waste management on their financial prowess and health
  • We also let them know about the strategies to reduce waste and convert waste into materials which can attract economic benefits.
  • Training on the effective and efficient methods of planting and growing trees so as to combat climate change. Along with others.

Our above measures are done through Community mobilization, collaboration and consultations with the grassroot so as to ensure Community participation and involvement in our activities.

Our Mission

To reduce the amount of waste in our community by maximizing resource value and eliminating environmental impact through sensitization.

We assist mostly kids, teens, schools and the Community on how to disposed and recycled in an ethical, responsible manner so as to combat climatic and environmental degredation.

Waste is not only an environmental problem, but also an economic loss in our community because if properly managed we can reap benefits from there. Our schools, communities produce huge kilogrammes of waste daily, monthly and yearly. An increasing share of this is not recycled or compost and a majority of it is often sent to landfill. 

The question is how can we change the way we produce and consume so as to produce less and less waste, while using all waste as a resource. This question motivates us to act for a reduction in the waste we produce and a recycling of it so as to enable our schools and Community work hand in glove with the United Nations Sustainable Development Program.

We are therefore bent on reducing the effects of waste and climate change in our communities by working with Development partners through an efficient sensitization and training with the necessary means and skills.

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